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  • Automatic CCK System

Product features

Brief introduction of system:

Alick automatic color kitchen system for printing is designed according to actual production procedures.Using reasoning, mathematic  model of color,light and viscosity,database management technology;it can be used in paste making for printing and dyeing according to recipes precisely.Furthermore,it can realize fast and intelligent print paste making and recycle of remnant print paste,increase preciseness of print paste making,improve production efficiency and product quality,reduce energy consumption and pollution and realize clean production.


1.With high precision multistage distribution valve,it realizes the exact dispensing of print paste and good color reproducibility.

2.Kaiyuan designs the double-circuit stretching distribution valve with maximum 48 colors,which can satisfy the dispensing demands for 3kinds of dyestuff at the same time.

3.The dispensing system adopts stainless steel and non-metallic material to ensure no oxidizing and no rusting during production,which will prolong the lifetime of system.

4.It adopts double-sided polishing stainless steel pipe to transport mother colors and high-performance clamp joint to connect,which can realize no leaking and clean workshop.

5.With the new-generation dissolving system of mother color,it can improve the dissolving efficiency greatly.

6.The feeding system of mother color adopts intellectualized pipeline-system,and it needs no manual intervention,which can avoid some errors.The cleaning of dissolver and feeding pipeline is done in sealed pipe,which can keep the workshop dry and clean,and reduce the pollution to a minimum.

7.With 3 stations to dispense mother color,thickener and mix print paste,it can realize the paste making with a small amount and avoid the remnant print paste.

8.Double-head mixing system for print paste:it performs the mixing and cleaning at the same time.With reasonable multistage speed and automatic control of paste volume,it ensures the mixing with high efficiency. 

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