Traditional technology+High-tech is a kind of force

From:China TextileDate:2015-02-06

Hangzhou Kaiyuan Computer Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in July, 1992. It’s a high-tech enterprise based on research and manufacturing of textile printing and dyeing CAD/CAM & ERP. As a successful sample for improving traditional technology and a key member of Hangzhou High-tech software, the company has its own characteristic. We have a very deep sense on it when we are interviewing with the general manager, Mr. Xu Guangming.

  Mr. Xu told us, Kaiyuan started to lead high-tech into textile field from the very beginning. The production of Kaiyuan was listed in the Capital Torch Project twice. How to realize all these scientifically and practically, we need to settle the technical problems, said Mr. Xu. As a reliable and advanced supplier for textile productions, and also total solutions, Kaiyuan put strength on color separation and color mixing. Our researchers designed Anseries software for textile design and color separation, and Computerized Color Kitchen System (CCK). In Design and color separation part, the operators totally get rid of manual work with the help of our production. What’s more, some effects are even much better than manual work. In color mixing, combined traditional technology with digital technology, based on data base, color mixing efficiency is greatly raised. We also solved the most headache things in textile field—cost. IN traditional textile field, every day, every process, there are great waste. Normally, a textile factory will have 10% of lost. How to save the cost is an urgent problem. Kaiyuan developed Sanax waxjet to raise efficiency and quality. At the same time, the factury also needs high management to compete with others. Thus, Kaiyuan developed Enterprise ERP system, which is the only ERP system especially for textile field in China. With the help of this system, the textile factories get into scientific management.

As for characteristic of textile, Mr. Xu said, textile printing and dyeing field is a large-scale, great invest field. But because of many kinds of reasons, our technology, equipment and management still has a large distance comparing with foreign enterprises. That’s the reason why China is a large export country for textile while also a large import country for high-quality textiles. Thus we need urgent reformation of textile technology, including information. This is also our responsibility.

  Facing to the competitions from the competitors at home and abroad, Mr. Xu Guangming has his belief which comes from Kaiyuan itself. Kaiyuan is very familiar with Chinese market and also have a very powerful group. What’s more, Kaiyuan is extremely concentrated in textile field and have a lot of experience in it. Mr. Xu Guangming has a strong belief in the future of Kaiyuan. He told our reporter proudly that 39 enterprises in China of top 50 best sellers in textile field are using Kaiyuan’s production because of its good quality and good trust, according to the calculation in 2001.As to the next development, Kaiyuan will pay more attention to automatic reformation in textile processing. Kaiyuan will have a better future and also help to raise the quality of Chinese textile. Mr. Xu Guangming said,”After China joined WTO, Kaiyuan has got more challenge and chances. Kaiyuan will develop steadily, speak less and work more to combine high tech and traditional technology. We will hold the chance to become the leader of high-tech Company in textile applied fileds.”
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