Hangzhou Kaiyuan Computer Technology Co., Ltd developed Automatic Computerized Color Kitchen System (CCK)

From:China TextileDate:2015-02-06

According to the new development trend of printing field abroad, Hangzhou Kaiyuan Computer Technology Co., Ltd uses its proprietary intellectual property rights and embarked on developing Automatic Computerized Color Kitchen System. It realized the aim of using High-tech to alter and upgrade traditional industry. Since the product be put into market this year, very good economic and social benefits have come into being. It improves the quality of printing products and reduces production costs, even reduces pollution.

Automatic Computerized Color Kitchen System developed by this company combines printing and dyeing technology, appliance computer database technology and network technology. It realizes formula database management for printing mixing. And it uses software to control stock pump and valve to realize mixing automatically. This whole system is based on Kaiyuan’s Enter-point ERP system. It manages and controls the machine by computer to guarantee the veracity of quantity. The general performance index of the system reaches a high-level.

At the present time, other printing and dyeing factories in China are still mixing paste and thickener by manual. But in developed countries, they are beginning to use automatic printing and dyeing color kitchen system step by step. If using this system, the factory can not only improve the level of production automation and production efficiency, but also guarantee the veracity of dyeing. It guarantees the consistency of sample and products, improves the quality of printing and dyeing, deduces the consumption of thickener and paste, and reduces the production cost.

Company brief introduction

General Manager’s speech

For the past several years, we devote ourselves to the research and application of printing and dyeing digital technology. Now, we are in hopeful new 21st century, we will still provide advanced technology and general industry solution for printing and dyeing enterprises as hard as ever. 

Every product of our company is produced with advanced technology of printing and dyeing field and our strong research and manufacture power. It is produced according to the production demands of printing and dyeing enterprises.  So, what you select in Kaiyuan is just what you want. No matter your enterprise is on the threshold or has being engaging in printing and dyeing for many years, we will provide you with more choices, strengthen you ability to open new business, and change enterprise production structure. We will help you to open up wider market. You can change the production mode of your enterprise according to the advices of our specialists and sales center. And you can also get our professional technology support at anywhere of the world. In fact, our tactics aim for the production, management and sales of printing and dyeing enterprises in the world, not equipments for printing and dyeing.

We investigate with you about every link of production for printing and dyeing enterprises and all respects of management. It can cut down the time of stopping work for machine, reduce production cost, improve production efficiency, and make creation and progress continuously.

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